Slow Boat to China #4

September 3. Sunset over Southern Vancouver Island on a sea as still as the water in my glass.

Picking up the pilot of Ogden Point, Victoria, BC. A scene we normally see from our window or along the Dallas Road Waterfront. (Patrick Lawson photo)

A perfect evening after a day of fog, with the Victoria coastline so clear we can make out not only our apartment building but the flowers on our balcony. Well, almost.


Slow Boat to China #3

Mist over the river (Patrick Lawson photo)

Night passage up the Columbia River under a full moon. A blue moon, since it’s the second one in August. Daybreak is stunning.

Spend the day in Portland. Markets, markets.

Back again the next day, this time taking a cab from the terminal only as far as the Expo Centre (a quarter of the cost of going downtown) and hopping on the wonderful light rail MAX. For $5.00 an all day pass, anywhere you want to go. (Only $2 for Patrick) Finally found some binoculars and tried them out on a walk along the Willemette River before returning to the ship. Almost 2 full days shore leave.

Mist over farmlands, along the Columbia River (Patrick Lawson photo)