Slow Boat to China #5

Slow boat, slow blog. So much for good intentions. The plan was to merrily post a blog whenever we were in a port and could find free wi-fi. But for various reasons (one of which is the fact that I’m blog-challenged), this did not happen. Consequently the posts that follow are behind schedule. Oh well. Does it matter? It is what it is.

We sail into Vancouver the night of September 3. Past all the ships at anchor in English Bay, under Lion’s Gate Bridge, and into the container port VanTerm. As if the city/ship/port lights aren’t enough, fireworks explode over Burnaby.

Next morning we hang around the ship waiting for immigration. By the time they arrive, check our passports and ask questions (“Why didn’t you board in Vancouver?”) there’s not much time to spend on shore. So much for our plan to have lunch at the Vancouver Art Gallery Café and walk around the seawall. We muddle through the port (not as straightforward a process as in Seattle or Portland) and take a taxi to the Vancouver Public Library for wi-fi and coffee. Back on board, we discover that the time of departure has changed. If we’d given the captain our cell phone number, we could have gone ahead with Plan A. But Plan B isn’t so bad—a relaxing afternoon on the wing deck reading, chatting with the captain, watching the loading of containers. We sail out of Vancouver at sunset. Once again, nice timing.

A full moon lights our way as we approach Lion’s Gate Bridge. Moments later, fireworks explode over Burnaby. Last day of the PNE? Nice timing! © Patrick Lawson Photo


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