Off to Quadra Island

Heading up to Quadra Island this morning with friends for a weeks stay. Grey day, but it’s supposed to clear. We’ll see. We might see cougars and wolves on the island, also orcas and dolphins. We’ll definitely see deer. We probably won’t see dolphins being chased by killer whales (orcas) like these lucky folks saw awhile ago, but one lives in hope.


Lightning over Victoria

Spectacular lightning show last Friday (the 13th), and very unusual for this part of Vancouver Island. I heard the first rumblings of thunder at 5:30 a.m. during breakfast, then nothing … except for that eerie closeness in the air that signals something is going to happen. And it did, several hours later, right in the middle of our watching The Inside Man on DVD. Well, forget that. We went onto our balcony and watched the sky show instead. I was hoping that lightning would strike the Parliament Buildings and do some illuminating of certain minds.

Happy Canada Day!

What defines Canada for you?  I’m thinking about that question as I wait for a 2:30 pm PDT call from CBC’s Cross-Country Check-Up. Sarah Ellis has just been interviewed and my turn is coming up. The link between us and the program is Scholastic’s Dear Canada series for young readers. Diverse stories from different times and places in Canada’s history — good reading for Canada Day and any other day.