Another Attempt at Blogging

This is a blog that Julie wrote. This is a sentence that makes up the blog. This is a word that makes up the sentence … and on and on ad nauseum.

I’ve just spent an hour attempting to change the subtitle on my header, to no avail. So rather than have “just another WordPress site” follow “julielawsonwrites” at the top of every post, I’ve deleted the header text entirely.

It should be easy. Millions of people are blogging ad nauseum, but I find it difficult. Friends and fellow writers have given me all sorts of tips and advice, and I’m determined to get out of my technical fog.

It could be that no one will read my blog. It might be exceedingly boring. I won’t be making lists of awesome or irksome things, or finding 1001 creative uses for a paper clip, or trying out a year’s worth of rutabaga recipes. I probably won’t list 1546 novel ways to procrastinate, though it’s tempting.

A bad feather day … or is it a good one? We all need to shake out our feathers from time to time.
Patrick Lawson photo

But great blue herons are flying at eye-level outside my office window and I might want to blog about the heronry in Beacon Hill Park. Or about the sailboats flying in swift and sure from the dining room window (not literally). Or about my recent readings in the Northwest Territory, at BookFest in Nanaimo, and at the rocking Silver Birch celebrations in Toronto and Thunder Bay. My blogs may not be immediate or follow a timeline — in fact, I can guarantee that they won’t. But my goal is to post one a week. Or more. I’ll see how it goes.


5 thoughts on “Another Attempt at Blogging

    • I’ve just now discovered I can read comments. Duh. Have done another blog today, this time posting your Thunder Bay video. Don’t know how to do it so the video and “Play” arrow is directly on my page, but maybe you have to be the author of the video to do that. Anyway, see what you think! I value your opinion.

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